The Entomological Society of America Certification Corporation offers two certification programs, the Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) and the Board Certified Entomologist (BCE). BCE is geared toward those with degrees in entomology or a related field, and ACE is focused on those with hands-on training and professional development in the field of urban or structural pest management.

Officially, entomological certification was born in 1970 as the American Registry of Certified Entomologists, which later became the American Registry of Professional Entomologists (ARPE). In 1992, ARPE was fully integrated into ESA with an elected Certification Board. In 2004, ESA and the Certification Board launched the ACE program as another option for the professional who sought additional credentials in entomology.

The ESA Certification Corporation is the governing authority and is a separate corporation from the ESA itself.