Why does ESA conduct a Certification Program?

For years ESA has certified entomologists with degrees in entomology or a closely-related filed as BCEs for scientific, professional and legal careers. You may already know a BCE in your area – they are respected leaders in many fields, including structural pest control; public health; and medical, veterinary, agricultural, or regulatory entomology (click here to see a roster of BCEs). The ACE program makes entomological certification possible for those without a formal degree in entomology. If you have extensive experience and knowledge in entomology through on-the-job training, experience, and self-study, you may qualify to become an ACE.

Why should I become ACE Certified?

The trend is clear; many organizations such as schools, hospitals, government agencies, factories, and food-handling facilities require independent certification for their contractors. Having a certified professional on staff can give you/your company the edge it needs to compete successfully with other pest control providers. In addition, employees will benefit from an increased sense of pride and accomplishment when they achieve certification.

What are the benefits of ACE Certification?

  • ACEs receive a high-quality uniform patch to wear on their uniforms,
  • ACEs receive a static cling decal to display on store or vehicle windows,
  • ACEs receive a certificate of accomplishment for their office wall,
  • ACEs can display the letters ACE after their name (e.g., John Doe, ACE) to signify their accomplishment,
  • ACEs can use the ACE logo in their promotional advertisements (employers can use the logo as long as they have one or more Associate Certified Entomologists on their full time staff),
  • ACEs receive a Code of Ethics that assures their employers and customers that they ascribe to the highest ethical standards,
  • ACEs receive a discounted rate to attend the ESA Annual Meeting,
  • ACEs can purchase and wear exclusive ACE-branded merchandise, and
  • ACEs receive, upon request, assistance with reviewing submitted copy for electronic or print advertisements to help promote their certification.

Who can become an ACE?

Anyone can become an ACE, as long as they have a minimum of 5 years of verifiable pest management experience, a current pesticide applicator's license issued in the U.S., and the ability to pass a test on structural pest control knowledge. The major categories of competency covered by the ACE exam can be found here.

How do I prepare for the ACE exam?

Experienced operators who are committed to continuing education and staying current in their profession should find the ACE exam challenging, but fair. It is designed to test practicing pest management professionals on the practical aspects of applied entomology.  A set of topics on which the examination can be found here. In addition, our website provides a list of suggested references. Review classes may also be available in your area

What does it cost to become an ACE?

Click here for the current fee structure.