ACE Fee Schedule

ACE program fees are affordable and offer a solid value for the participants. The fees are set by the ESA Certification Corporation Governing Board as part of the annual budgeting process. Starting in 2014 ACE moves to a 3-year application and renewal program.

  • ACE application is valid for three-years from approval
  • Applicant must pass the ACE exam within three years
  • Applicant is ACE-certified as soon as they pass exam
  • New ACE does not need to renew until end of the three-year period
  • Can test as many times as needed/able within the three-years
  • If re-testing, must wait 3 months but not more than 12 months. A new retesting application and fee is due with every retesting attempt.
  • Renewal fee is for three years. CEU report must accompany renewal. (NOTE: This is a new change in 2014. Current ACEs have the option to choose the 3-year or 1-year renewal in 2014. Starting in 2015 all ACEs must renew for 3 years and submit CEUs. If an ACE wishes to renew only for 2014 they do not need to submit a CEU report.

3-year Application Fee - ESA Members - $355, Non-members $395

The application fee will cover up to three years of testing and certification. If the applicant passes their exam immediately, they are ACE certified until the end of the three-year period. If retesting is required, it must occur during the three-year period or the application expires (Please note that retesting must still occur within 1 year of the prior attempt).

3-year Annual Renewal Fee - ESA Members - $295, Non-members $375

A CEU report will be required with the renewal that documents continuing education. Throughout the 3-year period, an ACE will be required to maintain a state pesticide applicator's license and adhere to the ACE Code of Ethics. This will be audited. 

Re-testing Fee - ESA Members - $50, Non-members $75

This nominal fee is assessed in the case where an applicant does not pass the examination on the first attempt and needs to retake the test. The fee will be assessed each time that the test needs to be re-administered.