ACE Review Course

Many applicants to the ACE program find it helpful to sit through a review course. However, you should view them as an enhancement to your training, not as a stand-alone way to prepare. On rare occasions, ESA hosts ACE review courses, though mostly the education community provides this training. If you are hosting an ACE Review Course and would like it added, please send the details to

For each of the classes and courses cited below, please be aware that in almost every case you will need to register twice -- once with ESA to apply to become an ACE and once with the organization hosting the course.

List of courses:

Missouri Pest Management Association/Greater St. Louis Pest Control Association Annual Conference: Wednesday November 29, 2017.  The cost for the review course is $85 for Missouri/Greater St. Louis members or $100 for non-members, Lunch will be provided as this will be an all-day event: 8:30am-5:00pm. Anyone attending must have their application submitted to and approved by ESA in advance.  If interested, please contact Sandy Boeckman at or 573-761-5771.


Virginia Pest Management Association Jeffrey M. Johnson ACE Prep Courcse & Exam.  Prep Course: May 30 8:15am - 5:30pm, ACE Exam: May 31, 8:30am - Noon.  Registration Information can be found here:

Training Materials:

Drs Mike Merchant, BCE (TAMU) and Bob Davis, BCE (BASF) have developed a series of PowerPoint slides that are available to approved instructors of an ACE review course. The slides follow the course outline. A copy of the slides may be requested by emailing Dr. Merchant or Dr. Davis for proctors and instructors. The slides are not meant for self-study. 


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