BCE Examinations

To become a BCE, in addition to fulfilling the other requirements, each applicant must score at least 70% on the BCE Core or Qualifying exam and at least one specialty examination. One specialty is included in the examination fee, all additional specialties require an additional fee.

For the most part, all BCE examinations are administered online through the proctor's computer. For those exams that are not online, a week or so prior to your scheduled examination date, a copy of the test will be sent to your proctor. Upon completion of the test, it is to be immediately returned to ESA's Certification Coordinator in the supplied envelope.

For those who are taking the online examination, the test instructions will be sent to your proctor approximately 48 hours prior to your exam. The test will be taken on the proctor's computer and – upon completion – will be automatically sent to the Chair of the BCE Examining Committee who will certify your score and communicate your status back to you.

To get a sense of the types of questions asked as well as the style and the format of the exam, please view that BCE Practice Exam. Login with a username and password of "BCEQ".

For more information about studying for the exam, please visit the study for your examination section below.