Remote Proctors

It is the responsibility of the applicant to locate a proctor, though ESA HQ can assist on occasion. First choice for a proctor should always be a BCE. Suitable alternatives would include the choices below. All proctor choices must be reviewed and approved by ESA HQ.

ProctorU remote proctoring:
This service is offered through ESA and is designed for situations where there is need for professional proctoring but no proctor is available. In remote proctoring, the applicant takes the exams in the comfort of their own home or office on their own machine and a proctor observes them throughout the entire exam via the computer's webcam and audio system. The proctor will:

  • Authenticate that the applicant is the one actually taking the exam
  • Secure the environment to ensure that no outside resources are used during the exam
  • Confirm visually that no other people are in the room during the exam
  • Assist the applicant as he/she logs into the exam system
  • Ensures that the applicant takes the exam according to the instructions provided by ESA

There is a fee for using the remote proctoring service that is borne by the applicant when the exam is scheduled (all of the fee goes to the proctor, not ESA). If you wish to use a remote proctor for your ACE or ACE-I exam, simply write "Remote proctor" on your application. You can read more detailed instructions for the ProctorU service by clicking here.

See this blog post for more information on remote proctoring.

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