ACE Application and Testing Process

  1. Assemble the required material and fill out the application at least 30 days prior to the desired test date. Your application will be reviewed.If your application is denied for any reason you may appeal to the Certification Board.
  2. If approved, you will be sent a letter of welcome to the program. From this date you have one year to take the exam and three years to pass it.
  3. Select a proctor for your examination and –working together with your proctor–select a testing date and notify
  4. About one week prior to your exam, ESA will send examination instructions to your proctor.
  5. On the test date you'll take the exam. It is online and closed-book. You may bring a simple calculator (no smart phone apps or programmable calculators) and a sheet of writing paper with a pen or pencil. The paper must be remitted to your proctor at the end of the exam. 
  6. The test will be given in sections and each section saves upon submission. Upon submitting the last section your score will display on your screen, though final verification of the scores is not complete until reviewed by the Chair of the Examination Committee. 75% is a passing score.
  7. If you passed, ESA will contact you and welcome you to the ACE program.An ACE welcome kit will be mailed to you. Renewals will be every three years and will require CEUs, but not retesting.
  8. If you did not pass ESA will offer suggestions on how to improve your score for the next test date. If re-testing is required, the test must be taken no sooner than 90 days, but no more than 365 days later, or else re-application to the program may be required. Again, you must pass within three years of application acceptance. Click here for the ACE Retest form.

If you are ready to proceed, please submit all materials to the Certification Coordinator, at the address below:

ACE Program
Entomological Society of America
3 Park Place, Suite #307
Annapolis, MD 21401-3722
301-731-4535, x3013

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