ACE Fee Schedule


  • If approved, the ACE application is valid for 3-years. The applicant must pass the exam within 3 years.
  • Application includes first attempt at the exam
  • Passing the exam makes the applicant an ACE until the end of the initial 3-year period.
  • Fee is $395 (ESA members save $40)
  • Click here to apply


  • Applicant must wait between 1 and 12 months to retest and submit a retest application with each attempt.
  • There is no limit to the number of times an applicant can attempt the exam within the 3-year application period. 
  • Fee is $75 per exam attempt (ESA members save $25)
  • Click here to access the retesting form


  • Renewal is every 3 years and requires submission of CEUs but not retesting
  • A CEU report will be required with the renewal that documents continuing education. 
  • ACEs must continue to hold a pesticide applicator's license and adhere to the ACE Code of Ethics
  • Fee is $375 (ESA members save $80)
  • Click here for the ACE renewal form

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