BCE Alternative Application & Renewal Options

BCE Interns

This option is reserved for individuals who have met the education requirements but not the experiential requirements to apply for BCE. The basic requirements include, proof of any level of education (including transcripts), 2 letters of reference, and a CV or resume. For more information on the BCE-Intern program, read this essay from one of our membersClick here to downloand the BCE Intern application.

BCE Administrative

For those who spend more of their active work hours on administrative work rather than applied work, BCE-Administrative is a good option. The requirements are the same as for regular BCEs, but on an ongoing basis, the CEUs that make up the Professional Maintenance and Certification Report will be less rigorous. Current BCEs who wish to apply to become BCE-Administrative should contact the ESA Headquarters. The requirements for applicaiton is that the BCE must have over 2/3 of their time allotted to managerial, policy, and personnel functions. Once approved as a BCE Administrative, the BCE will need to refer to themselves as a BCE-Administrative, BCE (Admin.), or similar designation so as to no longer infer full certification that implies the normal CEUs were attained. When reporting CEUs, a BCE-Administrative  is held to a lesser standard. Some (possibly all) of their CEUs may reflect education and participation in non-science areas relating to management and administration.

Contact ESA if you have questions.

BCE Emeritus

Formerly called, BCE-Retired, a BCE-Emeritus is a BCE who remains in good standing, but is no longer actively working in the field of entomology. Any retired BCE who has at least 10 consecutive years or 15 years cumulative years of certification may apply for BCE-Emeritus status. BCE Emeriti are exempt from submitting CEU reports. Please click here for more information or to apply. Once approved as a BCE Emeritus, the BCE will need to refer to themselves as a BCE-Emeritus, BCE (Emeritus), or similar designation so as to no longer infer full certification that implies CEUs were attained. Contact ESA if you have questions.

Inactive Status

A BCE can choose to “sit out” of the program for a period not to exceed two years through written petition to the Certification Board. During this time, the BCE may not use the letters “BCE” after their name without also adding “Inactive”. The purpose of this status is to allow a person to attend to family or personal emergencies that preclude their active work as a BCE without jeopardizing their overall and ultimate status as a BCE. Upon returning to active status, back dues will be owed and collected and, in some instances, a new PMC report would need to be submitted. During the period of inactivity, the BCE will not be allowed to hold office nor vote in ESA elections. To apply, please contact the ESA Certification Coordinator.

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