General Entomology Specialty Exam

This information applies to the BCE General Entomology Specialty exam, which is not to be confused with the BCE Qualifying Exam. To become a BCE specializing in general entomology, you must pass the qualifying exam as well as this specialty exam. After you have been accepted into the program, confirm with your proctor a date when you are ready to take the exam and inform the ESA Certification Coordinator by email to The Coordinator will e-mail instructions one week prior to the scheduled test date  to you and your proctor. This exam is administered online.  If your exam date changes please notify the Certification Coordinator at your earliest convenience.

General Entomology

Study topics include pests and management practices of:

  • Fruit and vegetable crops
  • Forage crops
  • Field crops
  • General insect classification and biology
  • Insect morphology and physiology
  • Insect behavior and ecology
  • Insect development and metamorphosis

Recommended Study Materials

Destructive and Useful Insects 5th Edition, by R.L. Metcalf and R.A. Metcalf, 1993

Insect Pests of Farms, Garden and Orchards, by R. Davidson and W. Lyon, 1987 (8th Edition or newer)

Introduction to Insect Pest Management, R. L. Metcalf and W. H. Luckman, 1994

An Introduction to the Study of Insects, 6th Edition, by Borror, Triplehorn, and Johnson, 1989

Entomology and Pest Management, by Larry Pedigo (newest edition)

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