Urban & Industrial Entomology Specialty Exam

To become a BCE specializing in urban and industrial entomology, you must pass the qualifying exam as well as this specialty exam. You must have applied and been accepted into the BCE program prior to taking this exam. After you have been accepted into the program, confirm with your proctor a date when you are ready to take the exam and inform the ESA Certification Coordinator by email to bce@entsoc.org. The Coordinator will e-mail instructions one week prior to the scheduled test date  to you and your proctor. This exam is administered online.  If your exam date changes please notify the Certification Coordinator at your earliest convenience.

Recommended Study Materials

The Handbook of Household and Structural Insect Pests by: Roger Gold, Susan Jones.
ISBN 0-9385-2278-7

Handbook of Pest Control by: Mallis (Newest Edition)

The Pesticide Book by George Ware

Trumans' Scientific Guide to Pest Control Operations by: Bennet, Corrigan, Owens
ISBN 0-9298-7000-X

Urban Entomology, Robinson
ISBN 0-412-60750-6