Why Choose a Board or Associate Certified Entomologist

Insects outnumber humans more than 1.6 billion to one. They are one of the most plentiful and successful life forms on the planet and they are the cornerstone of our ability to survive on earth. Consider the number of crops that require insect interaction for pollination, the life forms that use them as a food source, the knowledge we have gained from studying their DNA, and so on.

Insects are the root of all life on earth.

Those who study insects are called entomologists. Within the field there are many ways that a person can specialize their training. Some study insects’ impact on crop yields, some study the medical impact they have on humans and other animals, and still others focus on ways to limit the damaging influence that insects can have on humans.

While many entomologists receive educational training to the point of obtaining a doctorate degree, some have their training take a different (or additional) path and also choose to become Board or Associate certified to document their training and knowledge base.

The Entomological Society of America operates two certification programs for entomologists:

  • Board Certified Entomologists (BCEs) are those who have passed at least two rigorous examinations to test their knowledge and are specialized in one or more areas of entomology. The BCE is more likely to have received formalized education in entomology, including a PhD in many cases. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required for BCE certification. BCEs agree to ascribe to a code of ethical behavior and meet a minimum number of education requirements on an annual basis.
  • Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs) are those who have passed at least one rigorous examination to test their knowledge and generally specialize in pest control. ACEs also agree to ascribe to a code of ethical behavior, and – as part of their certification renewal process – must annually provide a copy of a current pesticide applicator’s license.

Choosing a Board or Associate Certified Entomologist provides you with the piece of mind that you are getting a professional who stays current in their field and on top of the latest research and insect science.

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